Bennie the Bengal Request Form

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Due to high demand of the mascot all Clubs, Co-Curricular organizations, or departments hosting events that would like to have a “Tiger Drop In” need to fill out a request form at lest one (1) month in advance. Any forms turned in outside of the given time frame will be processed with those complying being taken at a higher priority. Filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee a “Tiger Drop In” but simply a request for Bennie the Bengal Tiger. If your event fits the Tiger’s schedule an email will be sent to you to confirm event dates and times.

For any events on a weekend or a weekday after 5PM a “Tiger Den” will need to be provided as a changing space for Bennie the Bengal Tiger, this can be in the form of a separate room or space away from the public for Bennie to have prep. Please keep in mind that the Bennie the Bengal Tiger needs Twenty (20) minutes prep time for his appearances.

Athletic events take priority over all other requests, including those that have already been confirmed. Bennie apologizes for this, but hope you understand he must attend to his duties in keeping the school spirit alive!


On Campus Events - FREE

K-12 Events - $100

Parades - $125

Special Events - $125

Events outisde of the districts will require a mileage fee of $0.54/mile. 

*For other inquiries, please contact Rachelle Fawcett. 


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