Parking at RCC

Meters are placed in high traffic areas on the Riverside campus.
Since Evans field primary usage is seasonal for athletics and over flow parking the cost effectiveness of repositioning and loss of revenue is not feasible.
There are multiple options to purchase parking passes and the following may be more practical for visitors:
1.       Purchase a pass on the RCC website, print it and place it on the vehicle dashboard. Daily Parking Link
2.       Go to Mobile Now website or download the app on your smartphoneMobileNOW! Parking App for US
  • It only requires a one-time registration and the location number could be found on the mobile app signs located throughout campus (any location number works throughout campus)
  • Does not require a printed permit, enforcement officers will know if the vehicle has a permit by the license plate

Football Parking

All fans who have a valid parking permit receive free parking in the parking structure (36), parking lot “K”, and parking lot “Y”. If you do not have a valid parking permit, there will be a $5 charge per contest for all RCC home football games. The parking pass can be used to park in the parking structure (36), parking lot “K”, and parking lot “Y”. Parking lot “Z” will be reserved for all game staff and officials. Failure to abide by these rules will result in ticketing and/or towing.